Art Commissions Pricing

This page and pricing apply mainly to private commissions (i.e. for personal use).
For commercial use artwork, please contact me directly.

⬇️ Lineart

Linearts of your character for you to color or to be colored later, this will include 1 sketch revision.
Price can be adjusted to paint in monochromatic tones.

PortraitHalf BodyFull Body
Lineart PortraitLineart Half BodyLineart Full Body

⬇️ Flat colors

Minimal shading and and gradients over the lineart. Will include a simple background.
Prices can be modified for hard semi cartoon shading.

PortraitHalf BodyFull Body
Flatcolor PortraitFlatcolor Half BodyFlatcolor Full Body

⬇️ Full Render

Full render of your character with intricate shading, lighting and textures.
Price is subject to change depending on complexity.

PortraitHalf BodyFull Body
Full Render PortraitFull Render Half BodyFull Render Full Body

⬇️ Chibi

Chibi version of your character.
Price is per character and is subject to change depending on complexity.



The prices above were for basic designs and rendering. If wishing to add more characters, backgrounds or complex scenes, please check with the pricing table or just e-mail me with your questions ❤️

Upgrades: You may upgrade at any time, from adding other elements to moving to a higher tier. Simply pay the difference.

Extra characteradd 100%
- Simpleadd 25%
- Complexadd 50%
- More complexadd 100%
- Smalladd 25%
- Mediumadd 50%
- Largeadd 100%
- Featheredadd 50%
- Bat likeadd 25%
Multiple Weapons/Propsadd 25%
Elaborate Tattoos/Heraldryadd 25%

Other type of extras

Priority job (move to the top of the queue)add 50%